About Claussen



Claussen started as family owned business.


Claussen Operated over 30 Greenhouses across Siouxland.


Claussen started to do small Landscape Maintenance


Claussen begins overseeing the Wynstone Community


Introduces Design, Build, Construction


One of the largest landscape maintenance companies in Siouxland.

A Story, a Legacy, a Promise

The Claussen’s story started in the outdoors business around the 1950’s as a small Family Greenhouse outside of McCook Lake, South Dakota. Over the following 57 years Claussen’s Greenhouses grew to a commanding 30 Greenhouse units, where all of the plants were started from seed and sold to customers.


After passing to new ownership in 2005, Claussen’s began a new chapter. By 2007 Claussen’s in addition to traditional nursery sales, had begun small scale landscape maintenance and seasonal decorating for Greenhouse Customers. These new fields of opportunity gave rise to the latest era of Claussen’s.

Immediate Growth & Demand

From 2007 to the present Claussen’s has continued to exceed customer satisfaction, helping Claussen’s to become one of the largest landscape companies in the Siouxland area. Claussen’s offers a complete pallet of landscapes with guaranteed installations, including a full service outdoor landscape maintenance program.


From the design of a project, to maintaining it when it is done, Claussen’s experienced team is “your only step to outdoor success” for years to come.