Residential Management

Residential Management For Your Home

For years our clients have looked toward Claussen’s to ensure all aspects of their properties and projects are managed, maintained, and overseen to their full potential. Today, respectable company values and strong workforce make Claussen’s a trusted partner of many recognized individuals and businesses.


Claussen’s quality of work and our individual attention to each client, has shaped our reputation and has propelled our company to success. Claussen’s trusted management team can help make any project at your home a success.

Project Management

Managing your project will involve many moving parts and require control over day-to-day expectations and tasks. Claussen’s Project Management Team will make sure all of these tasks are not only performed correctly but with extreme care and precision in order to facilitate the best product possible for your project.

Property Maintenance

Owning a property no matter the size requires a careful eye and a strong backbone to stay properly maintained. Claussen’s Property Management team delivers elite quality and elevated expectations for all of their properties, by choosing Claussen’s your property will be maintained at a standard a level above.


Staff Management

Claussen makes sure you have the best staff working on your project. We facilitate interviews with contractors, and handle all the processing for you.


Quality Control

Claussen’s frequently performs quality control assessments on your project or property to make them successful.


Lawn Care

Claussen’s will mow, fertilize, and manage your sprinkler system to keep your turf in top condition.


Every property has its own type of garden, keeping plants looking healthy and beautiful takes a special type of attention. Our team will make your Landscaping thrive and looking its best.

Project Negotiating

Claussen’s will define the services needed and will work with local contractors to get you the best deal, and regulating bodies to make sure your project complies with all local codes and regulations.

Resource Delegation

Even simple jobs can have multiple parties involved including, designers, contractors, inspectors and owners. Claussen’s helps define these roles and facilitate each project accordingly.


Snow Removal

Claussen ensures your property is maintained with relentless snow removal service during winter.

Holiday Decorations

Claussen’s can keep your property looking good for the occasion, with holiday lighting, annual flower arrangements, and seasonal décor options.

Home Maintenance

From cleaning your windows, washing your driveway, to cleaning storm damage, Claussen’s will ensure your property is kept tidy throughout the year.


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